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About us

G9 bags is a brand from Greenapple South Asia Industries

Qutubuddin Plastics was started by Haji Jainudeen in 1973. Initially were supplying partially finished product for leading luggage brands. His dream was to build an affordable, toughest travel bag for his customers. As result, Qutubuddin Plastics is a well-known brand in the heart of the Chennai. Later Qutubuddin Plastics name has been changed to “Greenapple South Asia Industries”.

Indian Name – International Standard

Why always an international brand? This question had been raised by Nayeem son of Haji Jainudeen a couple of years ago – G9 Bags was born. His goal to create an International standard luggage brand, but made in India.

Now, G9 Bags has offered a wide range of travel and luggage collection, including business and casual bags. We know what you need in a travel,  we are ready to give the right gear for you.

Think Travel – Think G9 Bags.